No more Private repositories on Github, for me

I want to write more open-source software.  Even if i’m the only one using it.  So, I just spent the last 15 minutes archiving all my private repositories on GitHub and downgraded by plan to “Free”.  

My process was:

  1. Copy the Clone URL to my git repo
  2. cd ~/Dropbox
  3. $ git clone <repo>
  4. Delete private repository from GitHub

Entrepreneurs: Do something before you need to

Today marks my second day, ever, coming to the Courthouse to watch a lawyer friend of mine do what he does.

This morning I learned:

Do something before you need to do it

An example of this, in the context of an entrepreneur, if you have zero-revenue right now, don’t wait to get a loan.  Get one now if you have any money in your savings, so it looks better.  It’s better to get the loan when you don’t need it, than when you are down to your last $10 and need it.

Are you sure you want to become a programmer?

It’s super nice outside.

Unfortunately I make most, if not all, of my income by sitting on my ass, inside. Not sure why everyone wants to learn how to do what I do.

Yes, opportunities will become more and more, trading what boring shit they do now for boring shit of the new.

I guess the bonus is the slightly more pay, maybe.

Starting out in San Francisco as an anybody

If you’re coming to San Francisco for an extended amount of time use this as a guide to get you started!

Hope these help and welcome to San Francisco!

Having your own car

Don’t.  Just sell your car.  It’s simply not worth having it in the city unless you have your own parking space.  You will incur more parking ticket fines than your car is worth, trust me!  I’ve seen it happen!

Public Transportation

Use it.  Not gonna lie, it’s better to just walk wherever you’re going if it’s nice out and relatively safe to walk.  But if it’s raining or you’re tired use the bus/Muni/BART.

Get an unlimited BART Clipper card on your first day and start using it.  You’ll be in the Mission and exploring more than you think (or I hope you should be).  You can get these out of the machines in *any* BART/Muni station.

BART (1 of 2 under ground subways, yes theres two)

BART is the fastest way to travel through SF, but it’s also the most limited.  It can get you from Downtown SF to the Mission super quick and costs about $2.75 one-way (totally worth it).


This took me awhile to understand.  There are 3 different kinds of “Muni”.  There are the buses that everyone knows about.  You can usually walk to where you’re going and show up about 10-15 minutes later than the bus would have.  Then there is a 2nd underground subway, these things look brand new and can take you to the far ends of the city faster than a bus.  And then there are the “F-line” what most people are familiar with.  These are the old school looking trolleys.  I use most of them now except for the F-line, they’re usually too slow.  


Getting a cab in this city SUCKS.  And when you do get one, they’ll usually pass by you or speed away if you say you only have credit cards cause they don’t want to pay the 5% charge for you using it.  So, if they ask if you have cash AND you see a “Visa/MasterCard/Etc” sticker on their window (cause its illegal for them not to except it if it’s on their backseat windows), then just say “yes” you have cash.  And when you have to pay, just act like you don’t have enough cash.  Problem solved.


These are the old Rice-a-Roni cars that are pulled by underground cables.  If you get the Unlimited MUNI Clipper Card, you can use it on these things.  If you find yourself living in or traveling through Nob Hill often, get the Unlimited MUNI Clipper card so you don’t get charged $6 one-way like a tourist.  There are a handful of operators and if you ride it enough, you’ll will know each other in a short amount of time, which is very, very helpful when you want to get home and these things are full of tourists.

Also, because these things are usually loaded down with Tourists, don’t get on at Powell or the Wharf (the lines are usually too long), walk down 1 block to their very next stop at a corner and just get on there.


This wil be your full-time job until you find a place to live.  The closer you are to any of the modes of transportation the better.  It would be ideal to figure out which one runs often and also is main-line.  Some of them include

  • Van Ness (north of Market St) is the 47 and 49 bus
  • Union St (Marina/Russian Hill) is the 41 and 45 bus
  • Nob Hill (California St) is the 1 bus
  • Russian Hill (Polk st) is the 19 bus
  • Haight (Fillmore St) is the 22 bus 
  • Castro (Market street) this will be the Muni underground line or F-Line
  • Mission (16th/18th/24th Street on Valencia or a few blocks away) is the BART

Also, if you have washer and dryer *IN* your apartment, you’re considered a king/queen.  Don’t forget to look for a laundromat close by.


San Francisco is big on promoting local over retail, so you’ll find cool spots like Rainbow Coop for all your hippie eating needs, and Nob Hill Grocery, and last but not least would be Safeway/TraderJoe’s.    I would suggest checking out some of the farmer’s markets that pop up routinely during the week in certain spots, but they can be just as expensive as going to a grocery store.  

If you don’t want to cook a lot, there’s plenty of options to eat. is your friend, get the iPhone app.  If you have a Blackberry, well, wear your big boy pants and get an iPhone, you’re in San Francisco now.


It pays to have a reservation or use OpenTable.  Something to be aware of: Most places won’t seat you until your whole party shows up cause they want to make you wait or something fucked up, so if there’s two of you, just say it’s you (1 person) so you can sit down.  When someone comes over to take your drink order tell them someone will be joining you.

My 5 Rules of Investing

  • I DO NOT diversify
  • When a company goes bust (bankrupt) I buy the shit out of it then sell 2 days later
  • If I’ve made 20%, I’m OK with selling immediately
  • I don’t (anymore) listen to anyone else’s “hot tips”
  • It’s OK to let my money sit there for a few days/weeks/months until the right time

MY NAME WAS A1368794

(formatted differently from original post)

I was born on November 21, 2003. I was a cute little fluffy Maltese. My owner bought me as an anniversary present for his wife who soon became my best friend. I had a wonderful life!

My day would be something like this:

  • My owner Marc would leave to work early in the morning
  • The children Patrick and Anne would leave to school.
  • I would spend the rest of the morning following my loving Angelica around the house while she did her chores.
  • After lunch, we would sit on the couch and watch the soaps while she caressed me. 
  • When the children came home, I would spend a few hours in the yard playing with them and running after lizards or anything that caught my attention. 
  • When Marc would get home from work, I would run to the door where I always greeted him with so much love. 
  • He did not acknowledge me much. 
  • He said I was too needy. 

For the next seven years, I continued to go to the door hoping that one day he would be happy to see me. He never did. After dinner, we would all sit in the family room and watch television. I would always be at the foot of the coach while they talked and laughed. On weekends, I would sometimes visit my grandparents or go for car rides with my family. I had a wonderful life!

Seven years later my mom Angelica became very ill and passed away. For the next few days everyone was very quiet and Marc seemed to be angry at me. One afternoon, I heard Marc come in from work and I did what I always did ran to the door to greet him. Soon he carried me and put me in the car. It was the first time Marc and I had gone out alone. I was excited. He drove for a while until we reached a grey building. He then carried me out and went through a few doors. He spoke with a lady and took some papers and wrote on them. He handed me over to the woman and I saw him walk away. I was tied and placed on the floor for a while. I began to tremble. I saw a big light hit my eyes. I was very confused I did not know what was happening. There were other people with other dogs doing the same thing. I could hear the barks of other dogs and smelled a very unfamiliar smell which terrified me. I went from person to person for a while until I was placed in a cage with newspaper and a plate of food. I went to the very back of the cage and sat there until there was no sunlight and people were no longer there. I heard some dogs bark and others cry. I could not sleep. I knew Marc would come for me.

The next morning people began to pass by my cage again. Some stopped and looked at me but very briefly, others totally ignored me. I always went to the front of the cage thinking it was my owner. Eventually I realized he was not coming. I spent the next 6 days lying in my own urine most of the time and patiently waiting. On the sixth day, the lady who had fed me and cleaned my cage came for me. She carried me out of the cage and placed a leash on me. I walked down a long corridor wagging my tail. I was so happy Marc had come for me. We entered a cold room where a man was standing and did not even look at me. She carried me and caressed me while I sat on a cold table waiting for something. I was so scared. The man came towards me and injected me with something…My name was Julie. No one ever said my name…

Maria Elena Padron (, Animal Rescuer

Please contact her if you’d like to help with animals she rescues

Let people shoot your idea down. They aren&#8217;t doing it.

Let people shoot your idea down. They aren’t doing it.

Learning how to wait for things is a much needed skill.

Learning how to wait for things is a much needed skill.

Don&#8217;t get stuck wondering what happened
Again, have a partner you can trust
Realize it&#8217;s going to be years before everything runs smoothly, maybe.
(Lombard St., San Francisco)

Don’t get stuck wondering what happened

  • Again, have a partner you can trust
  • Realize it’s going to be years before everything runs smoothly, maybe.

(Lombard St., San Francisco)